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OrangeTwig just got bigger and better

Apple's ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has launched with iOS 14.5 and it's changing how Facebook ads work!
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You may have noticed that we’ve been kind of quiet over the past 6 months. Well, it’s time to tell you what we’ve been up to.

Our entire company—engineers, designers and marketers—has been working together to imagine, innovate and implement the smoothest OrangeTwig experience possible for you.

We have redesigned the entire app from the ground up to make it more powerful, reliable and intuitive. We have also rewritten our entire code to help us innovate further and faster in future.

Take a look at some of our most exciting new features and upgrades.

1. Template Families    

Previously, to avoid cropping your product images, we used an algorithm called ‘best fit’ in our automated Marketing Plans. This algorithm decided which products and templates to include in your Marketing Plans based on their dimensions. But this sometimes resulted in your favorite templates or selected products not being shared.

Best fit algorith

Fit any product in any template

Our design team rose to the challenge and created multiple variations for every single template that they designed for you.

We call these Template Families*.

Each template variation has the same design elements, but is suitable for product images of differing sizes. For example, the Template Family below has 7 variations. So if you choose this Template Family, your product will be fitted into whichever variation best suits its dimensions.

Template families

Now neither your product, nor your selected template will ever be skipped. Pretty cool, huh?

Use any template for all products without any cropping or distortion of products.

*This feature is currently available only for our Automated Plans but will soon be launched for Product Posters as well.

2. My Templates

Our customers often tell us how much they enjoy customizing templates to suit their brand and mood. But they have one request—they want these customized templates to be available to be used over and over again.

Save & fave your templates

Now when you edit a post or a template variation, you will get the option of saving it under ‘My Templates’ where it will be available for you to use at will.

My Templates is available for all our features from automated Marketing Plans to single use Posters.

BONUS: You no longer have to spend time looking for your favorite templates. Simply ‘fave’ any template by clicking on the heart icon, and view these templates through the ‘fave’ switch.

Customize any template to suit your brand and save it to use in future plans.

3. Calendar

As your social media marketing needs grow, so do the number of posts that you share. There are multiple channels to be covered, different shop sections to be promoted and occasional discounts to be set. Some brands are sharing more than 50 posts per day across different social media channels through OrangeTwig.

But displaying so many posts in a single screen was proving challenging—they took time to load and looked repetitive.

One view, multiple posts

The first thing you’ll notice in our new Calendar is the way posts are organized. Now, if the same template is being posted across multiple social channels on the same day, it will show only once. This helps reduce clutter and gives you a clear view of the templates that are scheduled for the day.

You will, of course, be able to view and edit any individual post by clicking on the channel icon. Just click ‘Edit Template’ to edit multiple posts which use the same template and continue to use ‘Edit Post’ to customize a single post.

Easily edit multiple posts in a Marketing Plan in a single shot.

4. AutoPilot

The AutoPilot is one of our most popular features. But users could only create one AutoPilot plan at a time. Also, plans were always generated for 14 days at a time.

The Sky’s the limit

You can now create an unlimited number of AutoPilot plans. And a plan can be set for up to 30 days at a time.Each AutoPilot plan can have its own templates and posting times. To get you started, here are some ideas on how to make multiple AutoPilot plans work for you:

  1. Shop sections: Promote different categories or sections on different days.
  2. Social media channels: Select template style and posting frequencies best suited to each channel.
  3. Keep your captions interesting: Choose different rotating copy and hashtags for different Plans.

NOTE: AutoPilot Plans will no longer regenerate automatically. [

Create multiple AutoPilot plans simultaneously——each suited to a different strategy or shop section.

5. Branding*

Your shop’s branding is important to you. As it should be. So we set out to make it as easy as possible for you to include your shop’s logo and colors in your OrangeTwig posts.

It’s all about the Brand

Just upload your shop logo and select its size and positioning. You will now be able to include this in all posts shared via OrangeTwig with just one click. You can also create a color palette for your brand colors so they are easily accessible while customizing templates.

Easily include your shop logo in all your OrangeTwig posts.

*This feature is only available for the Pro and Pro+ subscription plans.

That's not all

So those were the Big 5.

But we've also made a lot of smaller improvements that will make your entire marketing experience much more efficient.

It's now way easier to create and promote your Sales and Daily Deals, the app is significantly more powerful, performance is faster, and templates are easier to discover with our new filters. You can also now match any template to your product or brand color with our new color picker.

The next big thing coming up is Facebook and Instagram ads. And we have lots - and I do mean lots - of other enhancements and features in the pipeline as well. So stay tuned and do keep sending us your feedback.

We are currently rolling out the OrangeTwig 2.0 dashboard to select users. If you would like to be considered, please log in to your OrangeTwig dashboard and send us a message.
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