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OrangeTwig: Your Complete Social Media Toolkit

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As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate.

You’re juggling product inventory, customer questions, shipping, product photography, SEO and a whole lot more. At times it feels like if you drop one piece, the whole act will come tumbling down.

I know. I’ve been there.

But I still felt like I had some control over what happened once a customer came to my shop. The toughest part, for me, was actually getting buyers to my store.

And that’s where OrangeTwig can help.

What is OrangeTwig?

OrangeTwig is a Marketing app that automatically fits your products into compelling, professionally designed layouts and promotes these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

You already know the importance of building your brand on Social Media. But, if you’re anything like me, by the time you’re done with all your other tasks, you just don’t have the time or the energy to figure out what to post. Or when. Or how often.

ORangeTwig - help

And, to make matters worse, each social channel has its own set of best practices. Facebook favors videos. Instagram needs hashtag research. With Twitter you can (and should) send out multiple posts daily, but with Facebook this may not be the best strategy.

And these best practices keep changing.

Who has the time to keep up with this? Not you.

Which is why OrangeTwig takes care of all this for you. We keep track of each channel’s best practices and schedule the frequency and timings of your posts accordingly. We make sure that any sale or discount that you have running is promoted on all your Social Media channels. We have predesigned templates so you can share your latest reviews or quickly engage your fans with a timely quote.

We do all this so you don’t have to.

And, hopefully, you have one less thing to juggle.

I love this app, it's SO diverse! GREAT designs for marketing promotions...I receive compliments on my social posts all the time! It really drives traffic to my shop. I've tried many different promting apps over the past 3 years, this is BY FAR the best I've ever used. I recommend it to my friends all the time! ~ Dawn from Lil Czeck Treasures

How is OrangeTwig different from other Scheduling apps?

Other apps like Buffer or Hootsuite or MeetEdgar let you schedule your product links. But what if you want to set a sale and promote it? Or engage your audience by asking them to choose between 2 products? Well, you’re still expected to do all that stuff yourself.

With OrangeTwig, you can automate the entire process.

1. Create promotions

You can create a Sale or Daily Deal through OrangeTwig. Not only will we change the prices of your selected products in your online store (saving you hours of work), we’ll also promote these discounts for you in our exclusive ’Sale’ layouts.

Posts with CTAs (Calls to Action) like Sale, Ending Soon or Buy Now are proven to have a higher click through rate than simple product links.

Look at the 2 images below. Which do you think will be more effective?

OrangeTwig - New Arrivals

2. Automate it all

So you've created your sale and generated your marketing posts through OrangeTwig...but wait. Did you know that we'll even write the captions for you?

We'll include your product or sale details, your coupon code, any expiry dates or restrictions, a link to your shop and any other relevant information - automatically. So you don't need to worry about forgetting an important detail ever again.

OrangeTwig - Caption

3. Engage your audience

Good brands know how to engage their audience. They don’t just keep sharing product links, they offer different types of content.

OrangeTwig offers you variety of post types to share with your fans - Share a Quote, Tag a Friend, A or B, Share a Review and much more.

What is OT

How is OrangeTwig different from Canva?

Canva a great tool for bringing design to non-designers. Like OrangeTwig, Canva also offers layouts and an easy interface which anyone can learn in seconds. But there are some important differences.

Canva is for anyone who wants to make an attractive design - a college poster, a birthday invitation, a corporate presentation, a menu card or a blog image.

OrangeTwig is for e-commerce sellers who want to promote their shop and products on Social Media. That’s it.

This results in features that are very specific to your needs.

Very very cool tool! What I really like about the app is the 'presetting' are smart and designed to get the most out of your sale...the app makes it a 100 times easier than creating each post from scratch. ~ Kyle from MoCapOnline

1. Automatic product fitting

Once you connect your online store* to OrangeTwig, we maintain an up-to-date catalog of all your products. Because of this, we are able to auto-fit your product into our layouts.

Not just that, our intelligent algorithm makes sure that your products are never cropped or cut out. Each product is fitted into a layout best suited for that product.

This means you don’t need to spend time uploading image after image manually [and making sure that your products look good].

Automatic Product Fitting

2. eCommerce layouts

Since we know that only online sellers will be using OrangeTwig, each of our layouts is geared towards selling. Each layout automatically includes elements that are critical for conversion, whether it is your shop name, a Call-to-Action, your sale details or your product title and description.

So you don’t need to sort through 1000s of templates trying to decide which one is appropriate for the purpose of selling. They all are!

OrangeTwig - Buy Now

3. Social Media expertise

With over 500,000 posts scheduled through OrangeTwig, we're constantly optimizing our scheduling algorithm.

We know the best times to post on each Social Channel, the optimal posting frequency, details that should be included in your post captions etc. And we automatically set these for you. (Of course, you can edit any of these settings at any time if you want to.)

What is OT - social media expertise

And, of course, there's our ridiculously powerful InstaSuccess toolkit (learn more about this below).

4. OrangeTwig Marketing Plan

This deceptively simple sounding feature is probably the most exciting part of OrangeTwig.

With our Marketing Plan you can literally have 100s of posts generated and scheduled for your shop - in seconds. Each post will have layouts with your product images, customized text with your shop or discount details and hashtags targeted to your audience. Learn more about this revolutionary feature here.

AMAZING app. Loving it! Having a marketing background I wasn't going to pay for any marketing material. But this makes it SO easy to post to everywhere at once, make sales, deals of the day and so so so so much more. My life and business just got ten times easier! ~ B and Z Anderson from SageArtisans

Let’s talk features

So now that you know a little bit about OrangeTwig, let’s explore some of our features:


Set and forget. We’ll automatically promote all the products in your shop on Social Media - driving more buyers back to your store.

What is OT - Auto-Pilot

Daily Deal

Bring customers in every day. Discount one product daily and let us promote it for you. Learn more.

What is OT - Daily Deal

Product Sale

Schedule discounts by product, and auto-schedule a promotional Marketing Plan.

What is OT - product sale

Coupon Code

What's the point of a coupon code if no one knows about it? Share your codes across ALL social channels in our special coupon templates.


What is OT - Coupon Code

Share a Poster

This is the only sharing option that does not have a Marketing Plan associated with it. It’s meant for one-off posts.

Want to promote a new product, wish your fans Merry Christmas or share you latest 5 star review with your buyers? This is the place for that.

Types of Posters include:

  • Product Poster: Choose from 100s of layouts to promote select products. Available for every occasion.
What is OT - Product Poster
  • Quick Share: Not in the mood for design—just want to post a simple product image? Try Quick Share.
What is OT - Quick share
  • Tag a Friend: Get introduced to new, highly targeted customers handpicked by existing buyers.
OrangeTwig - Tag a friend
  • This or That: Increase engagement and get feedback by asking fans to choose between 2 products.
OrangeTwig - this or That
  • Share a Review: Build trust and encourage sales with customer testimonials. Learn more.
OrangeTwig - Review
  • Share a Quote: Connect with your fans by sharing a funny or inspirational quote.
OrangeTwig - Quote
Did you know? We'll automatically include a link back to your store with every post!

What is OT - Testimonial

Become a Social Media Pro in Seconds

So what are you waiting for? Get started now and see how easy Social Media Marketing can be.

  • Save time
  • No technical skills needed
  • No design skills needed

Start your 7 day Free Trial now (no credit card required).

OrangeTwig Social Media Marketing App

*OrangeTwig currently supports stores on Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid.

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